Omaha Firefighters Credit Union gives you two options for checking accounts - without all the high fees!

Regular Checking

Checking Plus

All of the features of Regular Checking - but with a low $500 minimum balance - the account earns a dividend.

VISA Debit/ATM Card

It looks like a credit card - but works like a check. Use your card to make purchases at any merchant displaying the VISA logo. You will see the transactions itemized on your monthly statement. Best of all - no charge to you for Debit card transactions.

The card is also your ATM Card and can be used to access cash at thousands of ATM across the country and world displaying the VISA logo.

Features of the card

Lost or Stolen Card - Contact the credit union during normal business hours at 402-894-5005 or after hours at 1-800-554-8969.

Fraud Protection

To help prevent fraud, certain restrictions are applied to the use of your Debit/ATM card. If you notice any type of fraudulent activity, contact the credit union immediately at 402-894-5005.

In the event of fraud or suspicious activity, you may receive a phone call from us requesting verification of transactions. The number on your phone may appear as 800-262-2024 or 877-253-8964. A case number will be provided. Promptly answer or return the phone call to avoid disruption in card access. If case number is unknown, push (#) to bypass and reach customer service.

Leaving the Area?

Anytime you are leaving the Omaha area, notify the credit union and provide us with your travel details as well as contact information. Using your card away from home will often trigger an alert. If you have not notified us and we are unable to contact you, the card may be blocked.

International Transactions

Due to increased fraudulent activity in some parts of the world, certain restrictions have been added. Please contact the credit union at 402-894-5005 if you are leaving the country or attempting a purchase.

Overdraft Protection

At times, circumstances occur that may cause you to have an overdraft on your account. We have several options to help you negotiate the treatment of any items.

Automatic transfer funds from another account

If your checking account does not have funds sufficient to cover a check, automatic payment or a debit card transaction, you can elect to automatically transfer from another account to prevent an overdraft to your checking account. This can be setup from savings, another account number savings or checking, or from your Choice account - all at no charge to you.

Overdraft Protection/Line of Credit Loan

You may apply for a line of credit loan that is linked to your checking account to cover any overdrafts that you have up to the established limit. You pay interest only on the amount that you borrow and there is not a fee to advance the line of credit.

Overdraft Courtesy Pay

Overdraft Courtesy Pay is a source of protection to temporarily provide payments on transactions when sufficient funds are not available. This is not a loan and you must bring your account to a positive balance with 30 days. There is no charge for the service unless it is used.

You may remove Courtesy Pay on your account at any time by calling the credit union at 402-894-5005. An Opt In form is also required for debit/ATM card usage.

Avoiding Overdrafts

Check your balance. Balance information is available 24x7 on our website and mobile banking app. You can also call the credit union during normal business hours.

Setup account alerts on Virtual Branch and Mobility. There are a number available - including a low balance alert that you set the limit on. When you reach that balance, we will send you an email and text alert that you have reached it.

Realize that in today's banking environment, checks clear much faster than they have in the past. Don't rely on a float period.

Need help? Stop by or call the credit union and we will be happy to review your options!

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